Remembering neuroscientist Allison Doupe

This past Friday, the neuroscience community suffered a great loss with the passing of Allison Doupe, a professor of neuroscience at UCSF. Professor Doupe was our very first guest on the Neurotalk podcast, which I wanted to repost here as a small way of remembering and appreciating her life and contributions to science. You can also find a short write-up about Professor Doupe here: In Memoriam: Allison Doupe



NeuroTalk S3E4 Highlight Reel

Join us for this episode as we highlight unforgettable moments from NeuroTalk Seasons 1 and 2. Through short, memorable clips, we will explore the gripping stories of how our guests were inspired to become scientists, adventures studying different animal models, and gossip about different professors. We will also share the greatest moment in all of NeuroTalk (so far!).  Take a listen!

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