Brains & Bourbon: Shots! Matt Figley & the Neuro Yeast

Brains & Bourbon: Shots! is a short form version of our show Brains & Bourbon, where we sit down with a neuroscientist to discuss their work and share their favorite cocktail.

In this first episode of Shots!, we chat with graduate student Matt Figley about using yeast to model complex neurological disorders, plus more!


Brains & Bourbon Ep13 Sleep

This week on Brains & Bourbon, we share a Manhattan with H. Craig Heller who talk us through the "how" and "why" of sleep and explains what hibernating astronauts have in common with ground squirrels. Plus much more!

Dr. Heller is a professor of biology and is the co-director of the Stanford Center for Down Syndrome Research.

Brains & Bourbon Ep11 Rob Malenka

This week on Brains & Bourbon, we share a cocktail with Rob Malenka, who describes his journey from party animal to world renowned scientist, and gives a beautiful and in-depth history of one of the most important fields in neuroscience. Plus much more! 

Dr. Malenka is a professor of psychiatry and behavioral science here at Stanford. 

Brains & Bourbon Ep10 Communication & Stimulation

This week on Brains and Bourbon, science journalist Greg Miller talks about the psychological cost of drone warfare, DIY brain stimulation, science journalism, and a lot more!

Greg Miller spent 11 years as a reporter for Science magazine and is now a senior writer at WIRED magazine.

You can find Greg's article on the psychological impact of drone warfare here: Drone Wars 

You can also find Greg's series on treating mental illness in developing countries here: The Unseen: Mental Illness's Global Toll

And you can read his article about DIY brain stimulation here: Inside the Strange New World of DIY Brain Stimulation. 

Brains & Bourbon Ep9 Pow! Thwacke! Brain!

This week on Brains and Bourbon, we talk with Maral Tajerian about brains and pain, secret experiments, and putting the "science" back in "scientifically accurate video games."

Dr. Tajerian is a postdoc in David Clark’s lab here at Stanford, and the co-founder of Thwacke! science media consulting.

Brains and Bourbon airs every Wednesday at 1pm on KZSU 90.1FM.

Narcolepsy, and Allergies, and AIDS! Oh my!

This week on Brains and Bourbon, we talk immunology with Mary Cavanagh, who explains how specialized cells recognize self v. non-self to keep the body safe, and how loss of that recognition can lead to a whole host of problems. 

Dr. Cavanagh is a postdoc in Jorg Goronzy’s lab here at Stanford, as well as a frequent contributor to the Neuroblog. 

Brains & Bourbon airs every Wednesday at 1pm on 90.1FM KZSU, which can be streamed here:

Brains & Bourbon Ep6 Hearing/Whiskey/Tony Ricci

This week on "Brains and Bourbon," we share a glass of whiskey with Tony Ricci as we discuss hearing, rebuilding his lab after hurricane Katrina, and more!

Dr. Ricci is a professor of otolaryngology and molecular and cellular physiology here at Stanford, as well as the director of the Stanford neurosciences PhD program. 

Brains & Bourbon airs every Wednesday at 1pm on 90.1FM KZSU, which can be streamed here:



Brains & Bourbon Ep5 Glia!/Michelada/Mariko Bennett

On this episode of Brains & Bourbon, we sit down with Mariko Bennett to discuss the magic and mystery of glia, the future of gene therapy, and why clamato juice is a thing. 

Mariko is an MD/PhD student in Ben Barres's lab here at Stanford. 

"Brains and Bourbon" is a show about cocktails and neuroscience. Each week, we invite a neuroscientist to discuss the process and motivation behind their science, and to share their favorite cocktail with us.

You have a brain and you like to drink, so come sit down and have a drink with us.

Be sure to catch this week's episode of Brains & Bourbon featuring Stanford professor Tony Ricci today at 1pm on Stanford radio KZSU 90.1FM