Neurotalk S5E10: Bernardo Sabatini

Today, our guest is Professor Bernardo Sabatini, the Alice and Rodman W. Moorhead III Professor of Neurobiology at Harvard University. In this episode, we will talk about overcoming technological barriers, scientific bloodlines, and when the music industry meets science.

(P.S. The music video to which Prof. Sabatini refers:

Neurotalk S3E10: Takaki Komiyama

Our guest is in this episode is Takaki Komiyama, a professor at the University of California, San Diego in the Department of Neurosciences and in the Neurobiology Section of the Center for Neural Circuits and Behavior.

Small blast from the past: this episode was recorded in October, 2014, but never broadcast; we wanted to bring this back from our archives and present it to you now, because it’s a great interview!

In this interview, we talk about the anatomy of the sense of smell, baseball (Royals fans, sorry this was 2014...but we're in 2015 now), and neural ensembles in motor cortex during learning. Please enjoy!

Neurotalk S5E5: Mark George

Today, our guest is Mark George, Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), where he is director of the Brain Stimulation Laboratory. We’ll be speaking with him about using TMS to probe causality in the human brain, how vagal nerve stimulation could be working to treat depression, and a little bit of entemology /beekeeping. 

Neurotalk Season 5 Episode 1: Jie Shen on Alzheimer's and Presenilins

Excited to present the first episode of the season!! In this episode, our guest is Jie Shen, a Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School. We speak with her about her education in China, figuring out your true love for science (even if you're not yet sure!), and the role of presenilins in Alzheimer’s disease.

Stick with us next week for an interview on decision making with Anne Churchland, Asst. Professor at CSHL.


Neurotalk S4E13 Carl Hart

Today, our guest is  Carl Hart, associate professor of psychology and psychiatry at Columbia University and author of the 2013 book, High Price: A neuroscientist’s Journey of Self Discovery That Challenges Everything you Know about drugs and society. We’ll be speaking with him about surprising discoveries about psychoactive drug use, and how neuroscience can better inform policy