Brains & Bourbon Ep13 Sleep

This week on Brains & Bourbon, we share a Manhattan with H. Craig Heller who talk us through the "how" and "why" of sleep and explains what hibernating astronauts have in common with ground squirrels. Plus much more!

Dr. Heller is a professor of biology and is the co-director of the Stanford Center for Down Syndrome Research.

Squirrel Pops & Shy Spines

Squirrel Pops & Shy Spines

Back when I was a first year, I remember Craig Heller telling a story about how squirrels lose a huge proportion of their synapses during winter hibernation, which they then somehow grow back when they awaken. I've used this as cocktail party conversation since then, but only recently have I gone back and actually checked out the details about this phenomenon. It turns out it's pretty incredible.

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