Pain in the Brain

Pain in the Brain

"How can the brain think that the brain itself hurts (e.g., during a headache)? Are headaches and migraines (excluding secondary headaches) essentially psychosomatic in nature?"

Before I answer your question, I need to say one important thing: ouch!

That’s right – as I sat down at my keyboard to answer your question, I stubbed my toe quite painfully on my desk. Fortunately, this is a great time to explain how the brain processes pain, which will help answer your question.

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Brains & Bourbon Ep9 Pow! Thwacke! Brain!

This week on Brains and Bourbon, we talk with Maral Tajerian about brains and pain, secret experiments, and putting the "science" back in "scientifically accurate video games."

Dr. Tajerian is a postdoc in David Clark’s lab here at Stanford, and the co-founder of Thwacke! science media consulting.

Brains and Bourbon airs every Wednesday at 1pm on KZSU 90.1FM.