The return of Brains and Bourbon!

Last summer, we produced a few episodes of a podcast called Brains and Bourbon, and we are happy to announce the return of Brains and Bourbon both in podcast form and as a radio show on Stanford radio KZSU 90.1 FM. 

Each week, we will invite a neuroscientist to discuss the process and motivation behind their science, and share their favorite cocktail with us. The show will initially air on KZSU (which you can stream here) every Wednesday at 1pm, and then will be posted here and on our Soundcloud page.  

In our inaugural radio version, Neuwrite's own Astra Bryant shares a whiskey sour with us as we discuss brain oscillations and epilepsy, studying attention in birds, and the agony and ecstasy of the optochicken.  

You can find our first three episodes on our Soundcloud page:


Brains and Bourbon Ep1 Attention/Old Fashioned/Nick Steinmetz

Brains and Bourbon Ep2 Plasticity/Chartreuse/George Vidal

Brains and Bourbon Ep3 Neuroinflammation/Sazerac/Egle Cekanaviciute

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