Remembering neuroscientist Allison Doupe

This past Friday, the neuroscience community suffered a great loss with the passing of Allison Doupe, a professor of neuroscience at UCSF. Professor Doupe was our very first guest on the Neurotalk podcast, which I wanted to repost here as a small way of remembering and appreciating her life and contributions to science. You can also find a short write-up about Professor Doupe here: In Memoriam: Allison Doupe



Neurotalk S2E25 Li-Huei Tsai

In this exciting new episode of Neurotalk, we chat with Li-Huei Tsai about her transition from cancer research to neuroscience, chromatin remodeling, Alzheimer's disease, and more!

Dr. Tsai is a professor of neuroscience and the director of the Picower Institute for Learning and Memory at MIT.

Note to listeners: we had a few technical difficulties with the audio quality, so some portions of the interview may be difficult to hear.

"Just do it because you love it": Neurotalk S2E17 Nelson Spruston

This week on Neurotalk, Nelson Spruston describes some of the first patch clamp recordings ever, shares the most exciting moment of his scientific career, and explains how a student in his lab discovered a new form of neural integration. 

Dr. Spruston is the Scientific Program Director, and a Laboratory Head at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at the Janelia Farm Research Campus.