SFN: Saturday's Blogging Schedule

Welcome to a special SFN section I'm going to call: Where's the Neuroblogger?

For the reader's who are holding their breaths in anticipation of our SFN blog posts*, each day I will post a list of that day's events that I may attend (final attendance choice to be decided as I go along). Currently, the plan is to live-blog talks here at the Neuroblog, and to tweet about posters and other nonsense (via our twitter handle @stanfordneuro).**

Without further ado, here's a list of the Saturday events***:

1-3 pm: Modulation of Synaptic Processing Nanosymposium, Room 25A

1-4 pm: Neural Basis of Auditory Perception and Action Nanosymposium, Room 33C

1-5 pm: Poster Sessions, including: Nicotinic AChRs, Oscillations and Networks, Saccades (Superior Colliculus, Brainstem and Behavior)

2-3 pm: Architecture, Symmetry, and Mechanism of Ionotropic Glutamate Receptors, Ballroom 20.

5:15-6:25 pm Adventures in Non-translational Research: Neuronal Differentiation and Mechanosensory Transduction in C. elegans, Ballroom 20.

*G. Panagiotakos, this means you.

**For those of you who refuse to use twitter, never fear. I will compile our best tweets (and those of fellow SFN10 twitter users) in a blog-reader-friendly post.

***I'm not arriving at SFN10 until Saturday morning, so will not be blogging any of the events that occurred on Friday.