Searching for an Introduction to Neuroscience?

Are you interested in learning about neuroscience, but have already graduated from college? Are you looking for some simple recommendations for resources that will help satisfy your deep-seated desire to learn about the marvelous inner workings of the brain? Do you know someone who is?

Never fear, Noah Gray (also known as @noahWG on twitter) has some advice regarding the best way to get up to speed on current thinking in the neuroscience field.

Noah Gray, answering the question: What's the best way for a post-college person to learn about neuroscience from scratch?

Note: Noah's advice includes both blogs and books that are useful/interesting for people besides those with college degrees and no experience in neuroscience. Both pre-college and college students would find the resources useful, and I, as a graduate student in Neurosciences, have the blogs he mentions perpetually bookmarked.

Also, one personal addition to the list of books mentioned is Susan Blackmore excellent series of interviews, called Conversations of Consciousness. This book really helped get me hooked on neuroscience while I was in college, and provides an excellent sampler of various theories in the field of consciousness.


Astra Bryant

Astra Bryant is a graduate of the Stanford Neuroscience PhD program in the labs of Drs. Eric Knudsen and John Huguenard. She used in vitro slice electrophysiology to study the cellular and synaptic mechanisms linking cholinergic signaling and gamma oscillations – two processes critical for the control of gaze and attention, which are disrupted in many psychiatric disorders. She is a senior editor and the webmaster of the NeuWrite West Neuroblog