NPR Interview: Darwin's Great-Great Grandson

Last evening, I happened to turn on NPR to hear Terry Gross of the program Fresh Air interviewing a man called Randal Keynes. Mr Keynes is a great-great grandson of Charles Darwin, who has written a book about Charles Darwin, the death of Darwin's first daughter, and the composing of the Darwin's theory of evolution. The book, entitled Darwin, His Daughter, and Human Evolution, is the book upon which the film Creation (recently mentioned on this blog) is based.

The NPR interview is available online in audio form (the transcript is also available).

Darwin, His Daughter, and Human Evolution. by Randal Keynes, at


Astra Bryant

Astra Bryant is a graduate of the Stanford Neuroscience PhD program in the labs of Drs. Eric Knudsen and John Huguenard. She used in vitro slice electrophysiology to study the cellular and synaptic mechanisms linking cholinergic signaling and gamma oscillations – two processes critical for the control of gaze and attention, which are disrupted in many psychiatric disorders. She is a senior editor and the webmaster of the NeuWrite West Neuroblog