An Open Letter to Michael Keller

Mr. Keller: As Publisher of both the Stanford University Press and HighWire Press (a division of the Stanford University Libraries), you understand the value of the free and broad dissemination of knowledge.

You must also appreciate the threat that the Research Works Act (HR 3699) poses to the open exchange of ideas. This exchange is central to scientific progress and is the most fundamental means the scientific community has to return the public investment on our research. In limiting access to publicly-funded research, this act stands against the stated mission of both Stanford University Press and HighWire Press, as well as the motto of Stanford University itself.

I therefore urge you to join other respected members of the Association of American Publishers, including AAAS, the MIT Press, and the University of California Press, in publicly stating their opposition to the Research Works Act.

Sincerely, Kelly Zalocusky

PhD Candidate Stanford University Neuroscience Program


In case Mr. Keller is not an avid NeuroBlog reader, I have also sent him the letter directly. I encourage my fellow NeuroBlog readers to do the same. Really, truly--feel free to copy, paste, and send this exact letter. Michael A. Keller can be reached at

Admin Note:

As a colleague and fellow PhD Candidate at Stanford University, I whole-heartedly agree Ms. Zalocusky's sentiments, and I applaude her for speaking out against the Research Works Act (HR 3699). I hope that readers will join with us in contacting both members of the American Association of Publishers, as well as our elected representatives in national government, in protest of the Research Works Act.

Astra Bryant

PhD Candidate Stanford University Neuroscience Program