NeuroTalk S3E1 John Sack - The Future of Science Publishing

Join us for a very exciting edition of NeuroTalk as we examine the future of scholarly publishing. Nick Weiler interviews John Sack, founding director of High Wire Press, the groundbreaking e-publishing platform created in 1996 and now serving nearly 2,000 journals, ranging from Science to eLife. We go in-depth and discuss Sack's ideas about the future of scholarly journals, including the evolution of the "open access" movement, improvements to the peer review process, and the need for interactive online discussions around published science. Sack, a self-proclaimed futurist, muses about ongoing trends in publishing and whether we would even recognize the journals of the future. This is one episode you don't want to miss!

Mark Padolina and Nick Weiler


-NeuroTalk is a podcast series that delves deep into the stories behind scientific research--right down to the people who know it best. Through special episodes, the show is now expanding its scope to examine issues related to science advocacy and policy. Join us as we explore how research operates and is supported, through topics such as the publication process, funding and faculty selection. An important part of the adventure includes how science is used to inform lawmakers and the public, and we will discuss the evolution of ideas, current opinions and outcomes with the actual decision-makers and the experts. Our goal is to take you behind the scenes to understand the stories, institutions and people that affect scientific research and the world we know.