Linky and the Brain: a grab bag from drunk science to itchy bears

Linky and the Brain

Drunk Science #1 (and only?) Science writer Charles Choi explains speciation (and orcs):

And also why he will never try this again (along with some nice coverage of the science of black-outs):


Great article in NYTimes on the race to save florida oranges using gene therapy, and the reactionary attitudes (personal opinion!) of environmentalists:

Michael Pollan takes issue w/ "industry talking points" and Twitteration ensues (it's a good science brawl):

Also, check out the response on Grist:


Talk about agriculture – Ed Yong on the discovery of bacterial agriculture Amoeboid bacteria farmers:


Carl Zimmer on recent dueling papers on the motives of mammalian monogamy:


Cyanide and the Neuroscientist – murder most foul:


New, Simpler Brain Clearing protocol published in Nature Neuroscience - just be careful not to brown your brains:


A spirited defense of metaphors in science writing:


Finally, some bears kickin it (and scratchin it):