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I must admit, when I first saw a post for the upcoming movie Creation, I experienced a brief moment of panic. These days, the word "Creation" is associated (at least in my mind) with a host of unfortunate connotations. However, I had no reason to fear, as Creation (whose trailer is currently up on Hulu, link at the bottom), is in fact, a dramatization of Charles Darwin's writing of Origin of the Species. With Paul Bettany in the role of Darwin, this movie appears to be focused on Darwin's journey to writing the book, as well as the effects it had on his marriage and social standing. Although most of the dialogue seemed to address those subjects, there was one visual of a ship at sea. Presumably this involves the voyage of the Beagle, implying that some filming was done at the Galapagos. Very few mainstream films have filmed at the Galapagos, the first one being Master and Commander (which curiously also featured Bettany as a naturalist).

I will be interested in how this film mediates the choppy waters of depicting evolution and the battle between Darwin's writings and the beliefs of Christianity. With scenes of Darwin's wife accusing him of betraying his faith prominently displayed in the trailer, it looks like this film is not shying away from the subject.

The film was released in the UK in September. I wonder how the film will be received in America, given that with a January release, I have yet to see any major press. Being rather jaded about the ability of America to engage in a measured discussion of evolution, I wouldn't be surprised to see a very limited release of the film. But perhaps I underestimate film studios and people in general.

Creation Trailer on In theatres Jan. 22.

I'll most likely post a review soon after the release date.

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