DarWIN, not DarLOSE

Back in the early days of this blog, I wrote about an upcoming (at the time) movie about the writing and publication of Origin of the Species, by Charles Darwin. That movie, called Creation (discussed back in January), has since aired in theaters. This blog post is not about that movie.

It's about a fake movie, or more accurately a trailer for a fake movie, that presents a reinterpretation of the voyage of the Beagle and Darwin's struggle to publish his theories in the same vein as the recent re-imagining of Sherlock Holmes. Fans of both that film and of Darwin, will probably appreciate the trailer, which includes scenes where Darwin narrates a fight scene a la Robert Downey Jr. ("First use handkerchief to distract.... second, force feed Dodo egg.")

The best exchange prize is currently being vied for between two gems:

"How can a monkey turn into a man?" "The same way a hand can turn into a fist."

"My name is DarWIN, not DarLOSE!"

DARWIN at FunnyorDie.com [Warning, some lines regarding "natural selection" and the "rise of man" are probably not meant for the ears of children.]

[Also, thanks to @AdamRutherford and @ScienceHsu for the tweet and re-tweet, respectively.]


Astra Bryant

Astra Bryant is a graduate of the Stanford Neuroscience PhD program in the labs of Drs. Eric Knudsen and John Huguenard. She used in vitro slice electrophysiology to study the cellular and synaptic mechanisms linking cholinergic signaling and gamma oscillations – two processes critical for the control of gaze and attention, which are disrupted in many psychiatric disorders. She is a senior editor and the webmaster of the NeuWrite West Neuroblog