Brains & Bourbon Ep5 Glia!/Michelada/Mariko Bennett

On this episode of Brains & Bourbon, we sit down with Mariko Bennett to discuss the magic and mystery of glia, the future of gene therapy, and why clamato juice is a thing. 

Mariko is an MD/PhD student in Ben Barres's lab here at Stanford. 

"Brains and Bourbon" is a show about cocktails and neuroscience. Each week, we invite a neuroscientist to discuss the process and motivation behind their science, and to share their favorite cocktail with us.

You have a brain and you like to drink, so come sit down and have a drink with us.

Be sure to catch this week's episode of Brains & Bourbon featuring Stanford professor Tony Ricci today at 1pm on Stanford radio KZSU 90.1FM