Neurotalk Podcast Season 2 Archive

Episode 8: Marc Freeman

This week, Marc Freeman talks to us about falling in love with biology, eating injured axons, and more!

Marc Freeman is an assistant professor of neurobiology at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Episode 7: Cagla Eroglu

This week, we talk to Cagla Eroglu about the eureka moments in scientific discovery, the role of astrocytes in synapse formation, and more! Dr. Eroglu is an assistant professor of cell biology at Duke University.

Episode 6: Jeff Isaacson

We talk to Jeff Isaacson about his journey from rock shows to neuroscience, the importance of inhibition, the BRAIN Initiative, and more! Dr. Isaacson is a professor of neuroscience at UC San Diego.

Episode 5: Graeme Davis

This week, we talk to Graeme Davis about teaching neurobiology at Wood’s Hole, how a synapse maintains homeostasis, and more! Dr. Davis is a professor of neuroscience at UC San Francisco. 

Episode 4: Gail Mandel

This week, we talk to Gail Mandel about her long, and winding journey into neuroscience, what makes a neuron a neuron, how astrocytes contribute to neurological disorder, and more!

Dr. Mandel is a Senior Scientist at the Vollum Institute and a Professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the Oregon Health and Science University, as well as an HHMI investigator.

Episode 3: Penguins and Pajamas

This week on NeuroTalk, we bring you a special report about a scientific sleepover hosted by the California Academy of Science called Penguins & Pajamas! Stanford postdocs from a variety of disciplines presented on their research, and we bring stories from the event, and speak with Mary Cavanagh and Antoine de Morree from the Stanford postdoc association. 

Episode 2: Diana Bautista

This week, we talk to Diana Bautista about the difference between itch and pain, the curious organ of the star-nosed mole, and more!
Dr. Bautista is an assistant professor of molecular and cellular biology at the University of California at Berkeley.

Episode 1: Yun Zhang

Welcome to the new year of school, and a new year of NeuroTalk!

In the first episode of our second season, our guest is Yun Zhang, an associate professor of biology at Harvard University. We speak with professor Zhang about growing up in science, and studying learning and behavior in C.elegans!

Note to listeners: we had some connectivity issues while conducting the interview, so the audio quality is not as good in some places.


Astra Bryant

Astra Bryant is a graduate of the Stanford Neuroscience PhD program in the labs of Drs. Eric Knudsen and John Huguenard. She used in vitro slice electrophysiology to study the cellular and synaptic mechanisms linking cholinergic signaling and gamma oscillations – two processes critical for the control of gaze and attention, which are disrupted in many psychiatric disorders. She is a senior editor and the webmaster of the NeuWrite West Neuroblog