NeuroTalk S2E2: Diana Bautista


Each week the Stanford Neurosciences Institute (SNI) invites a prominent scientist to come to campus and share their most recent work with the Stanford community. Each week, as part of the Neuwrite West podcast NeuroTalk, we engage the SNI speaker in an informal interview/conversation, with the aim of gaining a better insight into the speaker’s personality, and providing a platform for the kinds of stories which are of interest to us but are often left out of more formal papers or presentations. This week, we talk to Diana Bautista about the difference between itch and pain, the curious organ of the star-nosed mole, and more! Dr. Bautista is an assistant professor of molecular and cellular biology at the University of California at Berkeley.

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On behalf of NeuWrite West, Erica Seigneur Forrest Collman Mark Padolina